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Welcome To Rebellious Bowties

Welcome to Rebellious Bowties's online store where you will find self tied bow ties with some fun new patterns and some classical designs that I can't get away from. Here you will find bow ties that are handmade made by me, Jonathan Gonzalez. I officially launched Rebellious Bowties in March 2017 as a challenge to learn about business, the fashion industry and grow as an individual as I was searching for more. My passion for bow ties grows day by day as I continue to learn new tricks and tips to make my sewing easier and better and get to see some interesting fabrics. I source most of my fabric from online stores and local thrift shops for limited edition bow ties. My palette for fabrics mostly consists of florals, out of the box designs, and some solids here and there. I try to stay away from the traditional patterns we are all used to seeing on bow ties and bring in a new energy to an accessory piece that is making its come back in the strongest way possible.  

All of the bow ties on this website will come with an adjustable ribbon that will fit neck sizes from 14.5" to 20" and will be self-tied with the option of ordering a pre-tied bowtie. 

This website was created because I wanted my own real estate in the digital web and have a place to not only offer my skills and services as a men's bow tie designer, but a place where I can share my ideas and viewpoints on all things fashion and tips to help your bow tie game continue strong. 

Enjoy the bow ties that have carefully selected for you and look forward to your feedback. Feel free to message me with any questions or to request a custom order at 

Click here to view the current collection and enjoy!

Jonathan Gonzalez

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