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Are your bow ties self-tied only?

We offer self-tie on our website at the moment but you can always add a memo to your order to make your bow tie into a pre-tied option. 

How do you tie a Bow Tie? 

Check out our guide on how to tie a bow tie. 

Do you take custom orders?

Custom orders are always welcomed. Please allow a 5-8 week lead time for all custom orders. 

Can you make an old tie into a bow tie?

The process of converting your tie into a bow tie is a fairly simple process. One tie yields only half a bow tie meaning, I will need a piece of additional fabric to compliment your tie. You can select and mail your own fabric or allow us to choose one for you. If you allow us to select your fabric, we will offer you complimentary color and fabric to best match your new handmade and custom bow tie.  Ship all fabric and ties to :

PO Box 94333

Lubbock, Texas 79493 


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