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How To Tie A Bow Tie

Welcome to our corner where we curate content on videos, tips, and tricks on how to tie a bow tie. What you will find here is that we will continue to add to this page as more and better-described videos come out on how to tie the mysterious yet elegant bow tie. 

 How To Tie A Bow Tie By Rebellious Bowties



 How To Tie A Bow Tie By Cousin


Tips & Tricks

 #001: Piercing the second bow through the knot.

#002: Making sure you have the right neck size. 




  1. Have one side 2 in. shorter, this side will be your face of the bow tie.
  1. Cross longer side over the face/short side.
  1. Loop longer side under face/shorter side, to create a knot around to your neck. This is how it will feel throughout your day.
  1. Fold short side to make your first bow and place your first bow right in the center of your neck.
  1. Drop longer side over the face side. Pinch the face’s ends together to prepare for the next step.
  1. Fold longer side in half to create the second bow, should fold just like the first bow you made.
  1. Grab the second bow and push halfway through the hole created from the first bow.
  1. Pull Opposite ends ( Front right bow and back left) to tighten bow tie.
  1. Adjust as needed.
  1. Wear it With Confidence!



Knowledge from the Pro: Bill Nye

On this video, Bill Nye will share some of his tips and tricks. There are some good nuggets on this video. Let me know what you think of this how-to on the comments below. 




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