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The West Table Photoshoot

This photoshoot was shot inside The West Table Restaurant and The Coffee Shop with a group of misfit models, good music selection, and refreshing drinks. It was brought together by my good friend Samuel aka. Cousin, who rallied up the gang and allowed me to put them in my first collection of bow ties. This was also the first time I shot with Gabriel Campbell, the photographer behind the lens, whom I call a friend today.
I till this day remember the laughter and great atmosphere we created while this photo shoot was taking place. I am extremely thankful for everyone who took the time on a Sunday to support me on this photo shoot and rock out with my handmade bow ties, you guys made this fun!!
These bow ties were one of the first solidified selection of ties that I felt confident in and proud of what I had accomplished so far. What you will see in this photoshoot is an introduction to my palate and profile of the type of patterns my eye naturally goes for and a group of friends having a great time while shooting this set. Thank you for your attention and I hope you enjoy this set :) 
Ps. captions are my personal commentary and the first thing that pops into my head. Having a little fun here so let me know what you think on the comments section below! 

( Welcome to the first official Rebellious Bowtie photoshoot )
( Crap, I forgot to move the metal shaker )
( Hey look, they are taking a picture of us )
( When the whiskey hits  😳 ) 
(Focus up )
( Teaching Boogs how to tie a bow tie )
( Book smart) (Ps. books I'm currently reading)  
( This color combo is probably one of my favorites )
( I was one step higher, still short 😒 )
( Why so serious ) 
( Loved the denim top with this red floral cotton  👌 )
( Posture up) 
( Hey guys, is my bow tie straight? )
( This picture is of me starting off the photo shoot with no idea how I was going to direct everything  🤷‍♂️)
( Probably a profile pic somewhere ) 
( Album Cover 🔥 ) 
(Cheesing :)
( Back to Business ) 
 ( Trio ) 
( That devilish smile of his 😈) 
( This is my favorite wine ever! * *Most expensive bottle in the menu ) 
( Thinking***  They have no idea ) 
( This wine better be good ) 
(Ok, this is good) 
(Buddy Holly)
( Suavé )
(Flexing 💪 ) 
( Hey You )
( Quick! Think Fast! )
( No Smoking Please 🚭)
( Probably thinking what devilish thing he's going to do next ) 
( The Cousin. ** Not Really my cousin but everyone else's cousin )
( No comment needed ) 
( Step into my Lair ) 
( That's a wrap) 
Thank you again to everyone one that was involved in this project. 

Photographer: Gabriel Campbell
Models: Ellen Chapel, Cousin, Lyel, Jameson, Booga Bradshaw, Jonathan Gonzalez. 
Location: West Table Restaurant. Lubbock, Texas.
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